Healthy growth in your business

So you can peacefully contribute to make the world a better place

  • A constant flow of new leads

  • Contributing to a bigger purpose

  • A hardworking and motivated team

We believe marketing should delight people

We live in a world that's been destroyed by marketing agencies looking to maximize profit.

Short term thinking leading to horrible marketing tactics.

  • Manipulating you into buying shit you don't need
  • Making you feel worse about yourself to open your wallet

So when we ask people what they feel about marketing...

This is what people say:

  • annoying
  • manipulative 
  • creepy

The revolution

But we believe marketing should delight people.

Our clients do too.

They don't need to manipulate or scare.

Because they are different.

Their goal is not to maximize profit at all costs.

Their goal is to have healthy growth so they can peacefully contribute to bettering the world.

Marketing for a New World

We need a new way to do marketing if people are to be delighted...

That's why, from 7+ years of experience in the "old world of marketing"... we've developed a framework for the "new world of marketing".

This is a proven method that leaders of companies who also believe their work should delight and inspire are using today.

Learn about this 3-step framework down below ⤵️

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The 3-step framework for a new way of marketing

It's easy:

  1. Get your shit together
  2. Create content that moves
  3. Convert visitors

Here's how we guide you through that process:

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Get to know me

1. Schedule a free call

In 30 - 60 minutes we get to know each other.

You tell me about your business.

I tell you about our method.

If we both feel like we're a good fit, I invite you to take my course.

Take my course

2. Schedule the live course

Choose a time on my calendar and let me guide you through our 3-step method.

After this course you will:

- know exactly what's missing in your business to generate healthy growth

- know exactly what you should execute yourself, what Hans will execute and what Hans' team will execute for you

12 maanden
Implement all the steps

3. Do workshops with Hans

You do the homework I give you.

I make it better.

Together, we'll implement all the steps outlined in our 3-step method.

Implementing a New Way of Marketing for your business.



  • a constant flow of leads
  • you are an inspiring leader
  • your team is super motivated
Hans Kolbeek
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