The 3 Foundations of Digital Marketing

A 4,5h online video course.

We dive deep while keeping it easily digestible throughout the 26 video classes taking you step-by-step through these 3 foundations of digital marketing.

This course will give you everything that's NOT in the book:

  • psychological frameworks
  • examples from real websites
  • checklist to help you implement

t's like having full-time access to me as a consultant.

But only paying for it once. #Winning

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What do other marketers think of this course?

It's easy to impress people who don't know about marketing. But what do our marketing colleagues think of this course?

"I went to a free training of Hans and was blown away by how much practical information and great tips he gave. He gave us real life examples and information we can immediately implement in our own marketing strategy.
I have been following courses that cost more than 300 USD a course, but Hans gave more insights and tips than all those courses together.
His presentation was also interactive, so it never got boring.
Highly recommend him for your business!"

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